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Image by Artem Sapegin

The Empowered Parent Journey

"Parenting can be your greatest vehicle to personal transformation."

What will be covered?

Week 1: Welcome + Orientation

Week 2: Setting your Intentions as an Empowered Parent

Week 3: The 10 Pillars of Empowered Parenting

Week 4: Making Sense of Attachment Science

Week 5: Making Sense of Nervous System Science

Week 6: Making Sense of Mindsight and Brain Science

Week 7: Making Sense of Emotional Intelligence

Week 8: Empowered Conversations

Week 9: Establishing Boundaries from Family Values

Week 10: Exploring Anger and Healthy Aggression

Week 11: Playful Parenting and Storytelling

Week 12: Your Personal Transformation

Lifetime access to video content and worksheets so that you can revisit or rework specific topics as needed.

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