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What happens in a parent coaching session?

My coaching is designed to provide you with personalized attention and guidance. I'll work directly with you in weekly sessions, where you can discuss your specific challenges, goals, and concerns. Together, you'll develop practical strategies and techniques to address issues such as:

- Effective communication with your children
- Setting and enforcing healthy boundaries
- Fostering a positive, nurturing home environment
- Cultivating resilience and self-esteem in your children

What is the Coaching Cost, and what does a client receive?

Your investment in this transformative six-month coaching package is $3600 for 22 sessions. You can choose a monthly payment plan of $600/month or pay $3300 in full—an investment in your family's happiness, well-being, and future.

You receive: 
- 22 private coaching sessions (1 hour each, held weekly) over the course of 6 months
- Email support between sessions

Why a 6-Month Package?

Lasting change takes time, commitment, and consistent effort. That's why a 6-month journey rather than a quick fix or one-time solution.

Here's how the 6-month package benefits you:

Sustainable change:

By working together over an extended period, we can work on new habits, thought patterns, and strategies that become deeply ingrained in your daily life. This process leads to long-lasting, sustainable improvements in your parenting approach.

Tailored support:

Every family is unique, and your challenges and goals may evolve over time. With a 6-month package, we can continually assess your progress, adapt strategies to your changing needs, and provide ongoing support as you navigate new stages of your parenting journey.

Accountability and motivation:

It's easy to lose momentum or fall back into old patterns when you're working on personal growth. Regular check-ins over six months help you stay accountable, motivated, and committed to your goals, even when things get tough.

Deeper insights and breakthroughs:

Some parenting challenges are complex and deeply rooted. A 6-month coaching relationship allows you to dive deep, uncover underlying issues, and work through them at a manageable and sustainable pace.

Ready to take the first step?

Click the button below to schedule your free 45-minute consultation and discover how 1-on-1 parent coaching can transform your family's life.

More Testimonials...
"Dr. Raju is a REMARKABLE parenting coach. Her patience and wisdom are surpassed only by her compassion. As a parent who is on her own parenting journey, she GETS it. She is very compassionate and understanding of my setbacks but, as a good coach should, she pushes past my occasional resistance. She expects me to do the hard work and she firmly (though gently) holds me accountable (for my commitments to do the work, not for the RESULTS themselves). She understands that any kind of progress on this journey will take a lot of time and hard work and she constantly reminds me that I am working against a lot of maladaptive patterns that come from the way I myself was parented.
It goes without saying that Dr. Raju provides me with the information and other resources to help me navigate this journey, but her main role is to help me WORK through those resources in a constructive way and APPLY them, as much as possible, in my own parenting journey. As my coach, Dr. Raju is by my side to help me work through my shame, self-loathing, and tears and she is there to celebrate my accomplishments (and she really MAKES me pause and MARVEL in my small successes). Becoming so personally involved in my challenges and successes MUST take a toll on Dr. Raju’s emotional resources, part of which she dedicates to working with me. And I am SO enormously grateful to her for this personal investment that she continues to make in me, because she TRULY wants me to become a better parent to my children and BELIEVES that I can do this.
Without exaggeration, I cannot imagine being on this lengthy and extremely difficult and painful journey without Dr. Raju as my coach."
~ M.S., Fort Lauderdale
"Being a coach, I consider myself a very attuned and open minded parent. But I also felt stuck especially when dealing with explosive behaviour of my kids which was not going away not matter what we tried. Namitha brought her calm confidence and taught me some very essential and easy to grasp tools which I started applying right away. Within 3 weeks, things started to shift between my children and I. I can’t thank Namitha enough."
~ Chandni Prashar, Vancouver
Namitha’s coaching could not have come at a better time! With two girls seven years apart in age, we are navigating two different stages of life at the same time. Namitha gave me a new perspective on the reasons why I was not feeling successful as a parent and helped me see that much of my frustration originated from my own family experience growing up. With Namitha’s coaching I learned that, by acknowledging myself and my feelings first, I could then manage my emotions and expectations to create a more harmonious home. What makes coaching with Namitha so powerful is that she really listens to what you are struggling with and gives you the space to process all of it. She also reflects back to you what you are doing right and why it is important to recognize those small steps. With her wealth of knowledge from her education and training, she has a number of resources and specific strategies you can integrate right away that make a significant difference. I learned so much from our sessions and I’ve become kinder and more patient with myself, and with my kids. My youngest is much more helpful and even my teenager noticed that I haven’t yelled once in the last few months - two big wins!! I’m so grateful for Namitha! ~
~E. McNamara, Denver ​

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